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Golden Retriever Club of BC
Dedicated to responsible breeding and ownership through education


The purpose of the GRCBC’s Golden Placement program is to help Golden Retriever owners find new homes for their goldens.  As part of the re-homing process we may need to assess your golden's general health, temperament and ensure your golden is neutered or spayed before being placed in a new home. 


The Golden Placement Program is primarily a referral service. In normal circumstances, we keep the names of individuals looking to add a golden to their families and contact them when one matching their request becomes available.  The potential adopters are responsible for contacting the available golden's owners and making arrangements to visit the dog and transfer ownership if appropriate.

In some circumstances, the GRCBC takes a dog into its custody. In this case, the potential adopter would make arrangements with the Club's representative to visit and take ownership of the dog if appropriate.



The GRCBC does not have a formal Rescue Program.  If you know of a Golden that is being abused or neglected, you should contact the SPCA or the equivalent organization in your area.  The GRCBC does not have the right to seize animals.  However, if we are notified that these organizations have a golden in their possession, we may be able to assist them with finding a foster home, vet bills, and with the re-homing process.  The assistance provided is evaluated on a case by case basis. 



We encourage you to read our section on adopting a golden. It has some useful information about what to expect so you can make sure a golden is right for you. If you're sure you want one of these wonderful goldens, here are the steps to adopting through our Golden Placement Referral Program.


We are not accepting new adoption applications at this time due to a reduction in the number of dogs available. Please contact the Coordinator if you would like more information.


- complete an adoption application form

- this is not a first come first service program.  We look for the best match for both the dog and the potential owner.  If we've done our job right, you will be your golden's forever home.

- fee for referral service is $50.00. If the GRCBC has had to prepare the golden for re-homing the fee may be more.  This is assessed on an individual basis.

- if we do not have any golden available at the time of your application, we will keep it on file for future reference.



Please see the section on rehoming a golden.



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