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Golden Retriever Club of BC
Dedicated to responsible breeding and ownership through education


Code of Ethics
The Code of Ethics of the GRCBC is designed to promote high standards among owners and breeders of Golden Retrievers in British Columbia. 

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Awards Policy (effective January 1, 2022)



Concerns regarding International Dog Rescues

Ideally, every dog should have a loving home but this is not always the case.  Many dog breed clubs support a rescue or re-homing service for their breed. There are also many organizations that assist with the re-homing of any breed or mixed-breed of dog.  In recent years, due to an incorrectly perceived lack of dogs for adoption locally, a number of organizations have been formed which bring dogs in from international countries such as the Ukraine, Romania, Mexico, China, Korea, Thailand and Turkey.  Many are well-meaning but others are less reputable and are often run as money-making operations.

Recently both the Center for Disease Control in the USA and Canadian Food Inspection Agency have adopted new stricter regulations concerning the importation of dogs internationally.  Veterinarians and their governing bodies have expressed concerns about new strains of diseases, new parasites, tick-borne disorders, and cases of rabies that are being brought into our country by imported rescue dogs.  Some of these disorders can affect humans.  Many of these rescues are street dogs and their behaviour and lack of people socialization may present challenges for new owners.  Some organizations do very little screening of dog behaviour or try to correctly match dogs to the best adoptive home.

Before considering adopting an international rescue, do your research.  The following websites and articles offer information on international importations of rescue dogs.



https://www.canadianveterinarians.net/documents/veterinarians-dog-importation-checklist  (graphic)