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Golden Retriever Club of BC
Dedicated to responsible breeding and ownership through education




The Golden Retriever Club of British Columbia (GRCBC) promotes the Golden Retriever in British Columbia and encourages our members to develop the highest standards of excellence for the breed. 

The Club also assists in developing the interests of all Golden Retriever owners.  The Golden Retriever as a breed is versatile in many activities including field trials, hunting tests, obedience trials, conformation shows, tracking tests, agility, flyball, and search and rescue.  The temperament and intelligence of the breed also makes them a good choice for use as guide dogs and assistance dogs.

The Club's active goals include encouraging positive public relations and educational programs for both our membership and the general public.

If you are looking for a Golden Retriever, please look at the Owning a Golden Retriever section of our website. 


The GRCBC Executive has made the difficult decision to cancel our July 2020 GRCBC Specialty, obedience and rally trials that were to be held in conjunction with Sporting Dog at Thunderbird Show Park due to current COVID 19 restrictions and concern for the welfare and safety of our judges, participants and volunteers.



Jo-Anne Heinze

President, GRCBC

May 4, 2020