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All breeders on this list are GRCBC members in good standing.  The GRCBC does not endorse any particular breeder and assumes no responsibility for any of the breeders on this list. It is the purchaser’s responsibly to obtain all the information necessary to make an educated purchase.  The Golden Retriever Club of British Columbia will not be liable for any damages incurred while purchasing puppies from breeders on this website.  A reputable breeder will have a sales contract describing the terms and conditions of sale and any guarantees regarding the puppy.  A reputable breeder will supply hip and eye clearances for the Sire and Dam of the litter. Many breeders go further than this and supply other health clearances.  Reputable breeders sell all their pet puppies on non-breeding contracts.


Check out the GRCBC Puppy List for any current litters that may be available.  



Breeders Listed by Region:


Vancouver Island:


Name:  Brenda Stolle

Kennel Name: Lochanora

Campbell River, BC 

Phone: 250-830-0636

Breeding for: multipurpose, family companions


Name: Suzan Thompson

Kennel Name: Playtime

Campbell River, BC 

Phone:  250-923-6703



Breeding for: multi-purpose, family companions



Name: Diane Henn

Kennel: Kitsana (Perm Reg'd)

Cobble Hill, BC

Phone: 250-743-4904


Breeding for:  show, obedience, multiipurpose, family companions




Lower Mainland:



Name: Joanne & Laureen Kinney

Kennel Name: Zaniri


Breeding for: show, field, obedience, family companions, multipurpose


Name:  Sheila Standish

Kennel Name: Creekside Farm Golden Retrievers

Langley, BC 

Phone: 604-533-3755


Breeding for: show, multipurpose, family companions





Name: Linda Fedje & Rebecca Bookham

Kennel Name: Kulalani Goldens

Surrey, BC

Phone: 604-574-7248


Breeding for: multipurpose, family companions



Name: Lorraine Furness
Kennel Name: Fernlane

Langley, BC  

Phone: 604-530-1508 


Breeding for: multipurpose, family companions, show



Name: Kelly Tynan

Kennel Name: Tygold

Maple Ridge, BC

Phone: 778-899-2872



Breeding for: multipurpose, family companions




BC Interior:


Name: Brenda Comazzetto

Kennel Name: Allsgold

Kamloops, BC

Phone: 250-573-5501



Breeding for: show, obedience, multipurpose, family companions









List revised: December 30, 2018