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The Code Of Ethics
All members of the Golden Retriever Club of British Columbia (GRCBC) are expected and encouraged to follow the Club's Code of Ethics. There are specific sections within The Code of Ethics that address breeding, selling and warranting of puppies. The Code of Ethics functions as a guideline to those breeders/members who aspire to produce quality Golden Retriever puppies.

It is important as a consumer that you be aware of the content within the Code of Ethics that applies to breeder/members. This knowledge will assist you in choosing a breeder.

Read the Code of Ethics.

Know Who You're Dealing With
Golden Retrievers are always in great demand.  And as a result, many unqualified individuals have become involved in the mass production of puppies.  Their primary objective is to “take the money, but not the responsibility.”


Uninformed consumers often fall victim to unscrupulous producers of puppies. When health or temperament problems occur, the consumer will find that the common puppy producer has no interest or intention of providing them with information or compensation in any way.  Most common puppy producers have no in-depth experience and no regard to the present and future well being of the Golden Retriever as a breed.  At this time, there is very little consumers can do to protect themselves and their families from the emotional disappointment of purchasing a poorly bred puppy. 


Breeders of quality Golden Retrievers will provide new puppy owners with some form of warranty for a given period of time. Contracts vary so widely in content from breeder to breeder that it is virtually impossible to discuss them in any detail.

As a consumer, you should decide ahead of time what it is that you expect from the breeder in the form of a warranty. Refer to the Code of Ethics as it will give you an outline of the foundation for any suitable contract. Any additions or deletions should be discussed at length with the breeder. If you are not completely satisfied with the terms and conditions of a breeder’s contract, then it is in your best interest to continue your puppy search with other breeders.  


If you have concerns about any of the stipulations appearing within a contract discuss them with the breeder. Never agree to sign a contract that you do not feel you can live with! Reasonable breeders will be willing to discuss your concerns and to negotiate where possible to the benefit and satisfaction of all parties concerned.


Good breeders always welcome reports about your dog. Once you have done all of your homework, and you have narrowed your choice of breeders down, the last question to ask yourself is this: “Would I feel confident and comfortable contacting this breeder at any time concerning my Golden?” If your answers is “Yes, without hesitation”, then proceed.



Purchase Agreements, Warranties etc.

Good Golden Retriever breeders are dedicated to the breed. Those who have a true passion and devotion to this breed spend a great deal of time, effort and financial commitment to fulfill the ultimate goal of breeding the best quality Goldens.

Responsible breeders conduct a variety of genetic tests to determine if a specific dog is good enough to be incorporated into the breeding plan. The GRCBC requires that every stud dog and brood bitch listed on the Puppy List be examined by specialists in order to determine their freedom from phenotypical hereditary defects (refer to the Code of Ethics


The individual dog’s suitability to reproduce will be dependent upon a number of additional factors as well: the physical structure of the dog, the temperament, trainability, and the desire to retrieve. All of these things come into play when a responsible breeder makes a determination as to whether or not the dog in question will “make the grade.”


How to find a puppy?

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